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Dawn On The 5:2 Weight Loss Diet: Week 57 – Dealing With Being Ill While Dieting

And it was all going so well!  Isn’t it always the case that when things seem to be going your way that life throws you a curve ball and this week … [Read More...]


Best Cardio Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Best cardio exercises to burn belly fat include treadmill running, aerobic workouts, planks, push-ups, and leg raises. Most bodyweight and strength … [Read More...]


Is It Really Possible To Talk Ourselves Slim?

Anyone looking to lose weight has been told to cut down on the calories and increase the amount of exercise that they in order to beat the bulge but … [Read More...]


My 5:2 Potatoes Recipe

Potatoes are not only a great side dish, they are so filling they also make a wonderful main meal - especially for those who are on a 5:2 fast day and … [Read More...]


Week 25 Of Pregnancy And Anaemia

It is nice to say that I only have 15 weeks of pregnancy left and that I am through the first 25 weeks. I also have had my first official weight gain … [Read More...]


Calories Burned On Holiday

Growing up and going on holiday would mean that over a week’s holiday as a teenager I would easily burn thousands of calories. And then would end up … [Read More...]


Tennis Ace Maria Sharapova Shares Her Weight Loss And Dieting Secrets

Maria Sharapova is known as much for her fantastic figure and model looks as she is for her tennis ability and now the sporting star has shared the … [Read More...]


My Slimming World Pepper Steak Recipe

A juicy steak has to be one of the ultimate food treats and just because you are watching your weight doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice this … [Read More...]


Food In The Spotlight With Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn surprisingly tastes really nice and at the same have plenty of health benefits as something cheap yet tasty to eat on a regular basis. As … [Read More...]


How Many Syns In Angel Delight?

I just love Angel Delight and I may be 32 years old but I have never grown out of it. Dominic also loves it and I am always getting daily requests for … [Read More...]