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Family Weight Loss Rewarded In Gold In Dubai

If you have ever needed an incentive to lose weight then there can’t be many better than the offer of your weight in gold for weight loss winners in … [Read More...]


My Slimming World Carrot Soup Recipe

When it comes to fast and healthy meal options I usually turn to soup to fill me up and this healthy carrot soup recipe is not only tasty and … [Read More...]


Dawn On The 5:2 Weight Loss Diet: Week 50 – Trying Out Some Paleo Diet Tips

So last week I was trying to mix up my 5:2 fast days by cutting out the carbs and this week I took further inspiration from the Paleo diet craze and … [Read More...]


Why Do Spicy Foods Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Why do spicy foods speed up your metabolism? Is it just a myth or a reality? Spicy foods like chilli peppers, garlic, and dried mustard are known for … [Read More...]


My 5:2 Diet Lemon Chicken Recipe

Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins out there and can be made into endless different delicious meals.  For a tasty low calorie summer treat … [Read More...]


Paleo Diet Being Touted As Cure To Obesity By Experts

Diet crazes and fads come and go but it seems that the Paleo diet could well be the real thing with experts now claiming that it could be the solution … [Read More...]


How Many Syns In Fruit Pastille Ice Lolly?

The Fruit Pastille lolly is one of my all time favourite lolly’s on the Slimming World plan and I can not believe how low in Syns they are. With … [Read More...]