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Slimming World On A Forced Budget

Often with diets like Slimming World, Weight Watchers & the Paleo diet it is often thought that to lose weight and follow a healthy diet that you … [Read More...]

week 34

34 Weeks Pregnant, 6 Weeks To Go & My Weight Gain So Far

When I say “34 weeks pregnant” it sounds rather amazing that our much wanted daughter will be with us in 6 weeks time. Or even less if she decides … [Read More...]


My 5:2 Diet Salmon Fish Cakes Recipe With Philadelphia Light Dip

Not everyone is a fan of fish but this light, easy and delicious salmon fish cakes recipe will convert the entire family! Salmon can be an expensive … [Read More...]


Missy Elliot Looking Slimmer Than Ever Before

Rapper Missy Elliot was always known for her larger than life personality and super sized figure but now she is looking slimmer than ever before. It … [Read More...]


Planning Your Post Baby Fitness Programme In Thailand!

Getting back into shape after you have a baby can be a gruelling task but the thought of working up a sweat in the sunshine in Thailand while I know … [Read More...]


How Many Calories Burned Walking with Wrist Weights?

How many calories burned walking with wrist weights? Are these accessories effective for weight loss? You might be wondering whether or not it's … [Read More...]


Paul Mckenna Hypnotic Gastric Band In Pregnancy Part 2 & The Golden Rules

Last week I wrote about why I wouldn’t be using my hypnosis CD in pregnancy. However when I give it serious thought the truth is that even though I … [Read More...]