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Fruit And Vegetables Won’t Help People Lose Weight

Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of any healthy diet but it turns out that eating fruits and vegetables is not enough to help a person to … [Read More...]


My Slimming World Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

I love food with an Asian twist and one of my favourite places to take inspiration from for new recipes to try has to be Japan.  Not all Japanese … [Read More...]


Dawn On The 5:2 Weight Loss Diet: Week 52: A Year of The 5:2 Diet Is Up!

Wow! I have finally managed to make it to the end of my first year following the 5:2 diet and while it has not exactly been an easy road it is one I … [Read More...]


What Foods Speed Up Metabolism And Burn Fat?

What foods speed up metabolism? Can you really lose weight eating berries, eggs, almonds and other fat burning foods? The answer is a BIG FAT … [Read More...]


My Philadelphia Light Tuna Casserole Recipe

Sometimes you have a lot of time to be able to prepare a meal for the family and other times you are in a rush and want to throw something together as … [Read More...]


5:2 Diet Can Lead To Infection Increase

The 5:2 diet has been popular now for some time with reports showing that not only does it help people to lose weight but it also helps to combat high … [Read More...]

debra stefan las vegas

Why A Fitness And Weight Loss Camp In Las Vegas Can Bring Results That Last A Lifetime

As a UK blogger I have always been fascinated with the weight loss and fitness camps that are on offer all around the world now, especially those in … [Read More...]


How Many Syns At The Chinese Buffet?

One of my biggest naughty diet moments are my trips to the Chinese Buffet. I just love Chinese food and the more fattening the better! I know not … [Read More...]


Healthy Fats You Should Be Eating In Your Weight Loss Plan

How many times have you refused to eat foods that are high in fat? Contrary to the popular belief, fat is not bad for your health. An overwhelming … [Read More...]