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How Many Calories Burned Walking with Wrist Weights?

How many calories burned walking with wrist weights? Are these accessories effective for weight loss? You might be wondering whether or not it's … [Read More...]


Paul Mckenna Hypnotic Gastric Band In Pregnancy Part 2 & The Golden Rules

Last week I wrote about why I wouldn’t be using my hypnosis CD in pregnancy. However when I give it serious thought the truth is that even though I … [Read More...]


My Slimming World Fruit Crumble Recipe

There is nothing quite like digging into a steaming hot bowl of fruit crumble to make you feel happy and this slimming world fruit crumble recipe not … [Read More...]


Hangover Star Zach Galifianakis Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss

In the Hangover movies Zach Galifianakis was an overweight eccentric but now the funny actor has stepped out and shown his dramatic weight loss at the … [Read More...]


Home Workout For Beginners Reviewed & Week 1 Tried & Tested

I have been lucky enjoy to get a sample copy of Home Workout For Beginners. And today I am blogging about trying and testing their fitness plan for 7 … [Read More...]


Why I Am Not Doing The Paul Mckenna Hypnotic Gastric Band During Pregnancy

I mentioned earlier this week about my binge at McDonalds and how weight gain during pregnancy does concern me. I blame the world’s obsession with … [Read More...]

week 32

Forgive Me For I Have Binged In Pregnancy

Here I am tucking into my healthy porridge and sliced banana trying not to focus too much attention on what I ate last Wednesday. Last Wednesday will … [Read More...]


My Slimming World Lamb Chops Recipe

Every good cook really should have a delicious lamb chop recipe up their sleeve and this lamb chop recipe is not only juicy and filled with flavour it … [Read More...]


Kate Hudson Speaks Out About Weight Loss Truths

Opening up magazines to see pictures of celebrities only a couple of weeks after the birth of their child and already looking fantastic can give many … [Read More...]