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Help! My Scales Hate Me – 10 Ways To Improved Weight Loss

It’s that horrible feeling when have behaved like a saint on your weight loss plan only to discover that your weight has stayed the exact same. You … [Read More...]

"miranda hart weight loss"

Miranda Hart Shows Off Weight Loss

Comedian and actress Miranda Hart has always been known for being larger than life but now she is slimmer than ever and has shown off her new figure … [Read More...]

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The Naughty Weekend Diet Tried & Tested

Have you ever done this before? Where you are as good as gold on your diet all week and then you just binge at the weekend? I am sure this applies … [Read More...]


Why We Have Quit Cordial For The Summer

I have drunk cordial for as long as I can remember. Whether it was Robinsons or Juicee it was just always there. I even remember a picture taken from … [Read More...]

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Could Electronic Diet Pills Be The New Weight Loss Answer?

A new electronic pill is being touted as the new answer to tackling obesity and helping weight loss thanks to its revolutionary design. The pill has … [Read More...]

Even our salmon slices are not this big!

Do You Really Know How Many Calories You Are Consuming?

When it comes to calories consumed many of us are super confused. This is why we stick to diets like Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Juice Diets … [Read More...]

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Gemma Collins Reveals Her Weight Loss Secret

Gemma Collins has always been known for being on the larger side, however recently she managed to drop three stone and she has now revealed the secret … [Read More...]


And Let The Summer Diet Season Commence

Looking at the calendar and seeing how close it is to summer has many people panicking. Panicking that they won’t be able to get into their bikini, … [Read More...]


Fat Vs Sugar Part 5: The Protein Concept Part 2

I am in love with the relationship that our bodies have with protein. Unlike with carbs when we just feel bloated and horrible, protein gives us this … [Read More...]

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Could Drinking Wine Be The Key To Diet Success?

Drinking wine is something that is encouraged on the continent, however in Britain drinking wine is generally seen as a naughty treat. When we are on … [Read More...]