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What Happens AFTER You Follow A Detox Programme?

All I heard from Dominic last week when I was following my own DIY 7 day detox diet was that I was going to put it all back on the week after, plus … [Read More...]

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Kirstie Alley Gives Inspiration With Amazing Weight Loss

Kirstie Alley is known for her fluctuating weight but she spent most of 2014 dealing with her diet and losing weight, something she intends to … [Read More...]


When Children Get As Obsessed As You About Calories & Weight Loss

Growing up I always remember my mum and dad were always on a diet. There was one weight loss programme after another. I recall them being on Slimming … [Read More...]

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7 Day Detox Diet – My 7 Day DIY Detox System Revealed

7 Day Detox Diet = my way to recover from all the bad things that I have done over Christmas! And trust me there has been a lot! Christmas in my mind … [Read More...]


Weighing Up The Enemy & Talking About Gastric Bands

Weighing Up The Enemy was on television again last night and I couldn’t wait for the latest installment. I love the concept of the show and in … [Read More...]