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Beyonce Shares Her Vegan Weight Loss Diet

Beyonce is branching out with a new business aimed at helping people to lose weight by following a vegan eating plan. According to a report by The … [Read More...]

day 1

The Art Of Weight Loss Without Knowing That You Are Dieting

Last week I followed a fat burning experiment that I wrote about on the blog on Thursday (you can read about it here) and it was all about my meals … [Read More...]

Garlic Chicken Lasagne

Garlic Chicken Lasagne Recipe

Welcome to my garlic chicken lasagne. Now time to confess – I have been eating beef lasagne for years and have never thought of using chicken until … [Read More...]

fat vs sugar part 2

Fat Vs Sugar Part 2 – The Ultimate Fat Burning Experiment

After last week and venturing into the world of fat vs sugar I wanted to carry on but look at things a little differently. What if….. You ate lots … [Read More...]


Could Sunshine Be More Important Than Obesity When It Comes To Diabetes?

As an increasing number of people develop Type 2 diabetes we have learnt from doctors that the best way to tackle this problem is by losing weight, … [Read More...]

coronation chicken

Nearly Healthy Coronation Chicken

Welcome to my nearly healthy coronation chicken.The first time I ever had coronation chicken it was far from healthy. It involved super fattening … [Read More...]


Top Fat Burning Foods – My Ultimate Introduction To Fat Burning Foods

Welcome to my top fat burning foods. This is my ultimate guide to fat burning foods (and drinks) that will aid weight loss and help you to burn … [Read More...]