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My 5:2 Diet Sardines Recipe

Sardines are a fantastic food for anyone who is on a weight loss plan such as the 5:2 diet because not only are they packed with goodness they are … [Read More...]


Slimming World Abroad Part 1 & Slimming World Free Foods

I decided to kick off September with some posts about attempting to do Slimming World abroad. This has come about because one of my readers had said … [Read More...]


28 Weeks Pregnant, Healthy Eating In Pregnancy And Daddy To Be

As I write this my eyes will hardly open and are stinging and I need sunglasses on to be able to see properly. I do have epilepsy and very sensitive … [Read More...]


My Slimming World Sweet Potato Fries Recipe With Spicy Dip

Chips have a bad reputation for being a food filled with calories, fat and high in salt but it is possible to enjoy a plate of chips while you are on … [Read More...]


Britney Spears Credits Yoga And Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss

Pop star Britney Spears is looking better than ever at the moment and she has credited her weight loss as being down to a combination of a low carb … [Read More...]


Dawn On The 5:2 Weight Loss Diet: Glad The Summer Has Come To An End

Being on the 5:2 diet can have its fair share of challenges but the hardest has to be the summer months when no matter how much you wish you looked … [Read More...]


How To Be Healthy During Pregnancy If You’re Unfit And Unhealthy

As I start my 28th week of pregnancy and enjoy my last week of trimester 2 I must admit I am sick to death of reading that you must do this and that … [Read More...]


My 5:2 Diet Seafood Pasta Recipe

Diet foods never have to be boring and there is also no reason why you have to cut out your favourites, even if you are on a 5:2 fast day.  As  long … [Read More...]


Katie Hopkins Piles On Three Stone To Prove Weight Loss Is Easy

She is the celebrity we all love to hate and now Katie Hopkins is taking on the world of weight loss as she shows off her three stone weight gain … [Read More...]


An Open Letter To All The Extreme Weight Loss Enthusiasts

I want to lose weight fast just like everyone else and have my own weight loss dream fulfilled. After all, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t want to … [Read More...]

week 26

Week 26 Of Pregnancy And Maintaining My Weight Loss

Over the last few weeks due to my pregnancy and eating too much fast food I have been gaining weight each week. As a result by the beginning of week … [Read More...]


My Slimming World Risotto Recipe

A good risotto recipe can be one of the most delicious meals you ever make while a bad one can be just as memorable but for all of the wrong … [Read More...]


How Many Syns In Butter Or Cream?

As I have previously mentioned I am a huge butter addict and I simply can not resist it. As I mentioned on a  one of the biggest healthy eating … [Read More...]

"butternut squash"

Healthy Eating In The Spotlight With Butternut Squash

I remember in the old days when this first seemed to make its way onto the supermarket shelves it was something that the hippy people would eat or for … [Read More...]