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week 26

Week 26 Of Pregnancy And Maintaining My Weight Loss

Over the last few weeks due to my pregnancy and eating too much fast food I have been gaining weight each week. As a result by the beginning of week … [Read More...]


My Slimming World Risotto Recipe

A good risotto recipe can be one of the most delicious meals you ever make while a bad one can be just as memorable but for all of the wrong … [Read More...]


How Many Syns In Butter Or Cream?

As I have previously mentioned I am a huge butter addict and I simply can not resist it. As I mentioned on a  one of the biggest healthy eating … [Read More...]

"butternut squash"

Healthy Eating In The Spotlight With Butternut Squash

I remember in the old days when this first seemed to make its way onto the supermarket shelves it was something that the hippy people would eat or for … [Read More...]

Calories Burned From Swimming

I am a big fan of swimming and it is my favourite exercise by choice. I just love to get out into the water and have loved it since I was a baby. Like … [Read More...]

"cherry tomatoes"

Healthy Eating In The Spotlight With Tomatoes

During my first pregnancy back in 2001 my craving by choice was tomatoes. I absolutely loved them and I still very much do. We also have them a lot in … [Read More...]


My Philadelphia Light Ravioli Recipe

I am a huge fan of pasta of all kinds but we all know that pasta is not one of the friendliest foods when you are on a diet which is why this … [Read More...]


Weight Loss Surgery Could Potentially Prevent Alzheimers

For most people the benefit of weight loss surgery is an instant improvement in health and a reduction in weight related illness such as diabetes, … [Read More...]


Dawn On The 5:2 Weight Loss Diet: Week 57 – Dealing With Being Ill While Dieting

And it was all going so well!  Isn’t it always the case that when things seem to be going your way that life throws you a curve ball and this week … [Read More...]


Best Cardio Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Best cardio exercises to burn belly fat include treadmill running, aerobic workouts, planks, push-ups, and leg raises. Most bodyweight and strength … [Read More...]