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Fat Vs Sugar Part 3 – Studying Natural Sugars

Welcome to fat vs sugar part 3 and studying natural sugars. I have always been interested in foods that are high in sugar. No, I am not talking about … [Read More...]

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Link Between Weight Loss Surgery And Fertility

A link has been found between bariatric weight loss surgery and fertility according to a new study. According to Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri from the … [Read More...]


Case Study: How Much Do You Really Binge After Extreme Dieting?

Picture the scene. Its 9am on a Saturday morning. I have just got out of the shower, no glasses on, which means I am left without sight, a towel on my … [Read More...]


Beyonce Shares Her Vegan Weight Loss Diet

Beyonce is branching out with a new business aimed at helping people to lose weight by following a vegan eating plan. According to a report by The … [Read More...]

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The Art Of Weight Loss Without Knowing That You Are Dieting

Last week I followed a fat burning experiment that I wrote about on the blog on Thursday (you can read about it here) and it was all about my meals … [Read More...]

Garlic Chicken Lasagne

Garlic Chicken Lasagne Recipe

Welcome to my garlic chicken lasagne. Now time to confess – I have been eating beef lasagne for years and have never thought of using chicken until … [Read More...]

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Fat Vs Sugar Part 2 – The Ultimate Fat Burning Experiment

After last week and venturing into the world of fat vs sugar I wanted to carry on but look at things a little differently. What if….. You ate lots … [Read More...]