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The Weaning Process Starts: Introducing My Baby Daughter To Solids

Last week Sofia had her four month check up at the doctors. Sometimes the doctors process in Portugal can really get on my nerves and this time was … [Read More...]

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Weight Discrimination Affecting Quality Of Life

Many may not admit it but the reality is that many people face weight discrimination on a regular basis and this could be adversely affecting their … [Read More...]


What Really Happens When You Quit Your 5 Fruit & Veg A Day?

I am a fruit and veg addict through and through. I put it down to growing up with aunts, uncles and grandparents each influencing me with my natural … [Read More...]

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Hilary Duff Encouraging Mums To Love Their bodies

It is not often that a selfie posted by a celebrity is meant to inspire but actress Hilary Duff has done just that by posting a picture of herself … [Read More...]


Why You Must Drink A Lot Of Water When Breastfeeding

I love breastfeeding Sofia. It is magical the connection between mother and baby and it is also fabulous for weight loss. After all, as a healthy … [Read More...]


Do You Have Naughty Food Out Of Need Or Want?

I absolutely love my naughty food. By naughty food I mean food that I shouldn’t eat but do. I have a real soft spot for McDonalds, I can never give … [Read More...]

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New Low Risk Weight Loss Surgery Option

A new form of weight loss surgery promises a less risky alternative for those looking to surgical procedures to be able to lose weight. According to … [Read More...]