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SOS: No Spuds Left In The Kitchen Cupboard

I love potatoes. Who doesn’t? After all they are super yummy! Whether it is fried as chips, baked as jacket potatoes, steamed via new potatoes or … [Read More...]


Chocolate Helping Weight Loss

Great news for chocoholics looking to lose weight, new research suggests that eating chocolate can not only help to reduce cholesterol, it may also … [Read More...]


Discovering Your Fitness Vice

I hate football. I mean I really hate football. I have memories of P.E at school when it was forced upon us girls. I would wipe the ball clean before … [Read More...]

"charlotte crosby weight loss"

Has Charlotte Crosby Lost Too Much Weight?

Celebrities are damned if they do and damned if they don’t and Charlotte Crosby seems to be the latest who was chastised firstly for being … [Read More...]


The Moving House Diet & Getting Physical In A Different Way

As many of you will know that read my blog regularly we are in the process of moving house. And we have been in our new home now for just over two … [Read More...]


The Fattest & Oldest Mum At Mother & Toddler Group

Sofia and I have recently joined a mother and toddler group at a local bar by the seaside here in the Algarve. It’s a great local bar with the most … [Read More...]

"takeaways obesity"

Takeaways And Poverty Boosting Obesity

For many people obesity is a health issue but new findings show that obesity is also a social one with poverty and poor eating habits being closely … [Read More...]


My Breast Milk Is Drying Up & The End Of My Breastfeeding Days

What can I say about breastfeeding my daughter Sofia than to say that I love it? It’s the most amazing thing in the world to nurse your newborn baby … [Read More...]

"sam smith weight loss"

Sam Smith Loses A Stone In 2 Weeks

Singer Sam Smith has seen admitted that he has struggled with food most of his life but he has managed to lose an incredible 14 pounds in only two … [Read More...]


Experts Encourage Cheating On Your Diet

Sticking to a diet all of the time is almost impossible, as anyone who has tried will be able to tell you, but now experts are promoting the idea of … [Read More...]