Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan

"Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan"Paul McKenna has forged a name for himself as being one of the leading authorities in guiding people not only to weight loss but also to lasting weight loss results and the Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan is used by thousands of people all over the world who want to take a slightly different approach to weight loss.

When you look at the Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan there are some startling differences between this weight loss plan than traditional weight loss plans.  The Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan turns the usual ideas about weight loss on their head and asks people on the plan to think about the way they identify with food in a new way.

In the Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan there are four golden rules that people have to stick to if they want the Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan to be a success for them.

The first rule is that you should eat when you are hungry.  This may appear to be a strange concept for anyone who is on a weight loss plan because most diets and plans restrict the amount of food you eat and you are not encouraged to eat whenever you like.  The difference here though is that you have to learn to identify when your body is truly hungry for food or if you think you are hungry because actually this is a habit or you are using food to support you emotionally.

The second rule is that you should eat the food that you want to and not the food that you think that you should eat when you are on a weight loss plan.  On the Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan no foods are forbidden because it is believed on this plan that as soon as a food becomes forbidden you will want it more than ever and this can lead you to breaking your diet.When you have worked out the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger then you will already start to noticed a difference when following the Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan.

As soon as you deprive your body of something then it will want it more so eat what you like but be sure to eat only when you are hungry and to stop when you are full.

The third golden rule on the Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan is that when you do eat, you should do it very consciously  – that is you should not just eat and pay no attention to what you are doing, instead you should slow down how fast you eat and savour your meal and to help with this try to eat 25 percent slower than usual and to chew every mouthful for 20 times.  This way you will appreciate the food you are eating and your brain will register easily that it has eaten and needs no more food.

The final rule from the Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan is that as soon as you think you are full you should stop eating.  Your body always tells you when you are full but we often ignore this, especially if we are distracted so we need to pay attention!

The Paul McKenna Weight Loss Plan is a totally different way to approaching weight loss and many people really enjoy learning about food and eating in a new way but you do have to be dedicated to this and really want to change your habits of a lifetime for this one to work – it is nowhere near as easy as it may look!

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