Slimming World Diet Rules

Those of you"slimming world diet rules" who have been following this blog for awhile are probably aware of the Slimming World diet, and the ins and outs of what you’re supposed to eat.

But, for anyone just joining us who is curious about the Slimming World diet, I thought I would take today to go over the Slimming World diet rules.

As I always say, the Slimming World diet isn’t too complicated, but there are some things you need to remember. And most of all you have to food optimise which involves eating lots of the free foods so that you don’t get hungry. What I have found with Slimming World is it promotes healthy eating and eating more of the good things than bad things. Its about a lifestyle change rather than a diet. And in all honesty I have just adapted to cooking Slimming World Recipes and forget I am following a system.

So if you are new to Slimming World here are the rules:

Slimming World Super Speed Free Food

What is not to love about Slimming World Super Speed Free Food? Basically you can have as much of it as you like just as long as no fats are used. And you can have the super free foods on whatever day you are on without restrictions. And its amazing the recipes you can make from those ingredients. If you haven’t already done so check out my Slimming World Recipes.

You can even make meals up just with super speed free foods to really increase your weight loss and you can read more about the super speed foods here.

Slimming World Extra Easy

My dad never got along with Slimming World when he originally did it in the late 90’s because he was a typical meat, potato and vegetables kind of guy. Unfortunately he is too stuck in his ways now and I could never get him back on it. But extra easy would be perfect for him.

How it works is that one third of your plate must always be super free foods and then after that you add the remainder of your plate with free food from both green and red days depending on what your needs are.

So you will be able to enjoy meals such as a roast beef dinner. Your only change would be to make sure a third of your plate is the vegetables element.

Click here for more information about the Slimming World Extra Easy Plan

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Slimming World Original

With the Slimming World original plan its all about no carbs and pulses. You fill your plate with free super foods, free meat, free fish. This is normally the day when I have my favourite steamed fish and vegetables for dinner and then usually have some tapas in the evening. Or whatever is your meat fancy. I also have a favourite buffet restaurant that specialises in Brazillian cuisine and they have fresh cooked prawns available to peel and I normally have a huge plateful just of these!

This was also how Slimming World started with its original red days. So for me it is part of the history that makes up Slimming World.

Read more information about the Slimming World Original Plan here.

Slimming World Green

Green is all about carbs and can give you a really nice comfort day and is particularly great for sundays as you can pig out on all this glorious food. I usually make my own Macaroni Cheese, jacket potato with lots of beans or my Slimming World Roast Potatoes. The choices are just endless and you forget how nice vegetarian food can be. When I was originally on Slimming World I was a vegetarian so this is like returning to my roots.

Here is more information on the Slimming World Green Rules

Slimming World Mix2Max

Now this one is more for people that cant decide what they eating that day and want to switch and change throughout the day. You basically follow the green or the red diet (as mentioned above) and then during the meal times (your three meals for the day) you choose whether that meal will be green or red.

This means you can start the day with a bacon butty, lunch could be chicken Fajhitas with a side salad and for the evening you could head onto the green plan and have a vegetable ragu. It is just Slimming World giving you variety.

You also have snacks as either super free foods or as syns.

You can read up on Mix2Max here.

Slimming World Success Express

Success Express is all about getting in all the free foods so that you can boost your weight loss. For example at each meal you would choose either green or original free foods or have a mixture of both. Then fill a third of your plate with these. Then you would fill two thirds of your plate with super free foods.

This is then giving you a plate full of free food and any snacks would be considered syns and you would have your healthy extras as usual.

You can read more about Success Express here.

Slimming World Healthy Extras

Then, you choose several foods from two list of healthy extra, list A and list B. You will sometimes see these abbreviated as “Hex”. Again, the Slimming World diet rules will depending on what kind of day you’re doing: Red, Green, etc. And its all about Slimming World allowing you to get your dairy and fibre into your daily diet.

If it wasn’t for the healthy extras I would never have liked and tasted wholemeal bread! Though I use this more for cereal and my love for cheese. You can’t grow up in Yorkshire and not adore cheese and its one staple that is part of my life. Though these days we tend to use it more for Diet Philadelphia which with a little milk makes an amazing cheese sauce alternative.

Slimming World Syns

Then, you have what are called syn values. Normally when you are following Slimming World diet rules, you should opt for 5-15 syns per day (most people seem to go for 10). Any food that isn’t a free food or a healthy extra has a syn value, which you can find in the Slimming World book or online. Syn values are calculated based on how many calories are in a food, so this helps keep the Slimming World a low fat diet. You don’t have to avoid foods that are syns, you just have to keep them at an acceptable level for the day or week. Some people count their syns per day, while others choose to  use them on a weekly basis.

As you can see, Slimming World is fairly straightforward. Also, I would like to add to this that one of my own personal Slimming World diet rules is this: experiment. Some people do better using their syns daily versus weekly, and vice versa. Also, some people find that they lose weight at a greater rate doing more Red days, or more Green days. You have to experiment and figure out what works for you.

The great thing about Slimming World though is that you can follow it if you are vegetarian, vegan, pregnant, diabetic and so forth without feeling like you are ever missing out.

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