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Hello fellow online Slimming World members! I’m feeling really great today, because I’ve been sticking with my diet plan and I haven’t been going over my allotted syn values for the day. I’ve also been exercising regularly, and it’s been making me feel really good. So, overall things have been going well, and I was just thinking about how great it is that Slimming World still works if you’re not physically near a Slimming World group.

I live in Portugal so Slimming World doesn’t exist here unless you do it online. Though when I did live in England it was too far away so again I just did it online. Though I couldn’t imagine doing that a few years ago before they had such a good online website.

"slimming world lifeline"One component of Slimming World involves joining a group for IMAGE therapy, which I’m sure is very helpful. However, some of us don’t live near a Slimming World group. However, we’re very lucky you can actually join Slimming World online and get support online, as well as access to a bunch of recipes and an online food diary.

Though if you have to go without IMAGE therapy you do also have the option of a lot of good quality Facebook groups and forums for support which can help alot!

I always thought that was a really cool option, and today I found out from a friend of mine that lives near a Slimming World group that there is an online access option for you if you’re part of a group too! If you’re part of a Slimming World group, you can actually get access to Slimming World Lifeline online for free.

Slimming World Lifeline online gives you access to online features too, such as recipes, menus, games, and wallpaper. You don’t get online interaction with other Slimming World members with Slimming World Lifeline online, because if you have access, you’re already part of an in person group. But you still get access to the other online features, which I think is a pretty good deal (especially since Slimming World Lifeline online is free if you’re part of a group.)

I feel like using the online option is a good idea if you’re part of a group and if you’re not. If you’re part of a group, you can use Slimming World Lifeline online to keep yourself on track the other 6 days of the week when you aren’t with your group. And if you’re not part of a group and you want to use the online option, you can still get a lot of the benefits of joining a group.

Do you take advantage of the Slimming World online options like Slimming World Lifeline online? Do you find it helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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