If there is one part of blogging and product ownership that we spend the most money or time on it has to be content. Content is the driving force of blogs, ebooks, videos and a whole host of other things too. And then finding high quality content is also another challenge.

That is why I have created my premium PLR article packages. Full of extras and focused around those in the weight loss and fitness niche. This package is full of excellent content and focuses on the healthy eating niche.

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Hello Fellow Bloggers & Content Creators,

Healthy eating is one of the most sought after micro niches in the weight loss industry. Whether you are running a fitness website, a weight loss blog or even affiliating the top weight loss products then healthy eating plays a very crucial part in this. Every year more and more people are launching healthy eating websites and there are also those that run food blogs, have positive thinking websites or generally are just into lifestyle change.

The truth is the market is huge!

And armed with these fantastic healthy eating PLR articles can take on this market head on, knowing that you have excellent content to do the niche proud.

But most people for one reason or another just don't want to write the content themselves and this is where PLR comes in. You have people that don't have English as a first language, don't have the time to write the content or just feel someone else's style fits them better.

But I am sure you want to know what is included in this package and you don't want me preaching to you about the point of the healthy eating niche as I am sure you already know the benefits.

You can grab them all on the link below for just $7.00:

But if you would like to know even more about your healthy eating PLR package then here is a few more highlights:

As you can see the licence below comes with lots of perks so that you can set to work in making sure your content works for you. How often do you read that you have to change 80% of the content to use it for yourself or that you can only use it on certain sites?

Well, I absolutely hate this and that's why I wouldn't dream of releasing PLR that has such awful restrictions.

As you know there are 10 healthy eating PLR articles included in this package and below is a sneak peek of one of them:

Below is a list of the titles and word counts of all the articles you will receive in this package:

With the tweets you can use them to promote your blog, your articles, your press releases or your products. Each tweet is unique and perfect for instant use on Twitter.

But these are NOT just for Twitter and you could use them on a whole variety of social media sites including Google+ & LinkedIn.

Each of them are also the perfect length for adding your link or adding extra #hashtags.

These are fabulous for getting you lots of social media shares, thoroughly promoting your website and of course the articles that you are publishing.

These social media graphics are full of humour making them perfect for putting on Facebook, Twitter and all the other similar channels. We have had great success with creating them in our own campaigns and wanted to share our ideas with you. They are created by the same person who does ours for our website and here is a sample of one of them:

Nothing gets you more shares online more than infographics do. A great deal of thought has gone into this infographic and it is ready to be uploaded to the top infographic sites.

I normally charge over $27 for our brand new premium PLR articles packages. It would normally cost you more than $8 to have each of these articles made and that is without all the extras that are included. But I am not going to charge you anything like that today.

If you had 10 unique articles written for you by a ghost writer it would cost you about $80 - and that is for a cheap writer!

But as you know, that would just be for 10 fresh articles but this package also includes 30 high quality tweets10 social media graphics and 1 super sexy infographic. Not to mention a fantastic PLR licence and a 60 day money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Get this high quality healthy eating PLR by Clicking the Add To Cart button below:

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