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Are You Looking For The Ultimate Collection Of Royalty Free Graphics For Your Weight Loss Blog?

Graphics That Are High Quality Yet Wont Make You Feel Like You Are Being Robbed - Then Read On......

From The Desk Of: Weight Loss Bloggers,

Dear Weight Loss Blogger,

When I first started blogging many years ago, the first lesson you get taught the importance of quality content to your blog. Then secondly it is all about amazing your readers with high quality images. That was back in 2009 and now images are very much the focus. You just have to look at social media channels at the graphics being produced or at infographics website and you realise that to compete you need to spend a lot on graphics.

We've all been there when you sign up to a royalty free graphics website and pay $10 for one small image for a blog post. And you suddenly do the maths and realise that to keep your blog in graphics you need to spend $100 a week. And most new blogs don't even make this for months, some even years and that you are just throwing money down the toilet when there are better options available.

I Know This Because I Did It!

The reason I know about this is because this is the mistake I made and it wasn't until I realised how cheap it was to get them made, or how many places there are on the internet that offer free graphics.

Many people get around this with borrowing them from other sources and then linking back to their website but this just looks horrible and often if you put a picture at the top of your blog post this link will be considered as the first line of text and is an absolute "no no" when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Plan B

There of course has to be a plan B and that is when I set to work on putting this graphics package together for you. It comes in two elements. First is the free graphics and then secondly we include a fantastic PDF where we have put together all our favourite websites that provide us with amazing free royalty graphics without you having to get your credit card out.

This list is so good that the list on its own would keep you in graphics for years without even needing to download the free graphics that we have also included.

It took us years to put together this package and lots of hours in research to make it happen for you. There is no need to ever again pay silly prices for graphics and enjoy the hard work we have already done for you!

The Graphics On My Weight Loss Dream

The graphics on My Weight Loss Dream all come from the sources mentioned in this package and apart from getting a few made directly from our own graphics designer they are all from these places.

We have also used just free graphics from these sources to illustrate the ebook that is included just to prove how good the places are. Just because something is free doesn't mean it is low quality.

A lot of the time the designs we have downloaded for free are from new designers that want to practice their skill and get a portfolio on the internet and they use free royalty free graphics site to get their name out there.

Here is a small breakdown of what is included in our 300mb+ weight loss graphics package:

The free graphics list ebook

10 website templates

Website banner graphics

Weight loss & fitness blog templates

Fitness photos

Weight loss software

Social media graphics

Weight loss info graphics

Various other images

And so much more

But I am sure you want to see some of the graphics in action so that you know that I am not just giving you a vague promise?

Here are just a few examples of some of the graphics that are included in this package:

These graphics are also suitable no matter what your niche is online. We have general graphics to suit any blog and then more specific ones.

Here are some examples that you could use in any niche:

The specific ones target niches associated with health such as food, weight loss, fitness, fashion and much more.

Plus the free graphics ebook is what for me makes the biggest difference in my own blog graphics. This on its own gives you free access to thousands of graphics where you can search by what you are looking for and have the graphics straight onto your website or blog.

You can search for graphics for a simple blog post or look for something more complicated such as cartoon graphics to use on a video.

This ebook is 11 pages of pure content and I have found that I can never make use out of it because there are simply way too many places to go to and I never feel like I do it justice.

You on the other hand, may need more graphics than me and get proper use out of it!

As you can see what you are getting here is of super sized portions like what my food plate used to be before I started My Weight Loss Dream and lost weight!

But I am sure you are expecting a high price with this package when the opposite is true. I am selling this complete package that has taken months to put together for the super cheap price of just $5.00. This is less than $0.01 a MB and that doesn't even factor in the time taken to put together the free graphics ebook for you.

Also because I am selling this package through the Clickbank marketplace it is also coming with a 60 day money back guarantee if for any reason you're not happy with this huge graphics package.

Simply click on the link below and in less than 3 minutes you can be downloading your weight loss graphics and making good use out of them:

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best of success with your weight loss blog.

Weight Loss Bloggers

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